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The story begins back in 1996. Cosmin Damian and Mihai Dumitru were working on several firewall and routing related programs on linux  when a local entrepreneur from Timisoara decided to venture onto a new type of business - the cybercafe.

The image at the right shows one of the first Romanian cybercafés, located in Timisoara.

The first version of the future 'Contor 2000' was rather a shell script performing routing and firewall tasks while storing the results in a flat database.

As the requirements grew fast, this initial step was quickly dropped and a new development started.

 The earliest cybercafe in Romania,Timisoara

Since 1997 the package radically changed. The core consisted in a server written in ANSI C, capable of performing the various firewall tasks on a linux router and sending the results to an SQL server. Communication between the server and the user interface was moderated through a server-side client in order to increase security. The user interface shifted from the previous terminal window to an appealing web interface, by using the  PHP scripting language. The whole thing changed, and all further development followed this path. The programs were already running on three locations in Timisoara, and the demand for new set-ups and features grew along with the emerging new businesses.
The project continued to grow and spread, being in use in over 100 locations. Lots of supplemental features were added at customer request - different night/day fees, and a hardware component developed by the Mayon Computers team to remotely control powering up the workstations. The component was a small piece of hardware controlled through the Ethernet wires and it had the ability of cutting the workstation’s power when the core server instructed it so; it had a central hub connected to one of the server's serial ports ( RS232) . Nowadays the software runs only in two locations and the project is no longer supported. It seems the times of cybercafés are long gone.
 One of the first Internetcafes in Timisoara,Romania

backend main screen


detailed backend report 

live stations - user interface - frontend



daily basic report query - frontend


daily basic report - user interface





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Contor 2000 - Cosmin Damian
Contor 2000



Contorizare si administrare pentru Internet Café

( Cybercafé)

Cosmin Damian & Mihai Dumitru


Cresterea pieţei utilizatorilor Internetului in 1996 impreună cu infrastructura de banda largă încă scumpă a generat cererea pentru o modalitate de a controla o afacere nouă - cluburile Internet sau Internet Café. Administratorii acestora se vedeau confruntaţi cu o serie de probleme cum ar fi tarifele diferenţiate, securitatea, rapoarte in timp real, prevenirea accesului neautorizat; aveau nevoie de o unealtă de coordonare care sa-i ajute sa preia controlul noii afaceri.


Aplicaţia "Contor 2000" a fost proiectată sa raspundă tuturor necesitaţilor şi sa aduca soluţii pentru administrarea unui Internet Café; cu unele mici modificări a fost folosită şi pentru controlul unor alte tipuri de reţele eterogene; in anul 2001 programul rula  în peste 100 locaţii din vestul Romaniei.

Programul iniţial a suferit multe schimbări atat in ceea ce priveste nucleul cat şi in partea de interfaţă. Arhitectura a rămas aceeaşi – un nucleu coordonator pentru firewall, rute si securitate controlat de o componentă client cu capacitatea de a traduce cereri venite de la interfaţa web.
Structura modulară a făcut posibila existenţa unor implementări diferite, adaptate nevoilor specifice ale clienţilor şi diverselor scenarii de instalare.
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