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Joom!FreeMind v.2.3.1
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NumeJoom!FreeMind v.2.3.1
DescriereJoom!FreeMind is a Joomla! 1.5.x native component. The extension generates a visual mindmap observing the menus,categories and sections of your site. It makes use of FreeMind - a premier mind-mapping software written in Java and displays the published site structure by connecting the component to a menu, a menu item or to a simple hyperlink placed inside your articles. Current version corrects some php settings under certain environments.Version 2.2.1 added some options in the backend to restrict the display of specific menus.Version 2.1.9 added five new color schemes and several backend options along with support for one-click install. It also improved the other features by rendering maps through an alternative flash based viewer. The site name now appears in the flash viewer as a tag. The name of the component is the same as the one we have chosen for the stand-alone tool (you might want to check this one as well, especially if you are using Joomla 1.0) but note that the previous versions (1.8.x) do not provide complete Joomla! integration. Several display options and color variation schemes were added in the backend, and Joom!FreeMind 2.3.1 keeps the two different ways of rendering maps by either using the sections-categories structure or the published menus. Copyright (c) 2008 Cosmin Damian under GNU/GPL.
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