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It's getting tough to find a reliable solution for the management of corporate servers and complex online platforms these days. Seems like the problems of security and accounting are turning your bussines off. We are able to help the webmasters in finding the right tools - that's because we have exactly the thing you need. You will also find here solutions for e-learning, online printing and much more. We present here  a series of useful Joomla! extensions and some other pieces of code which answer to Web 2.0 interactivity issues. Ajax and Web 2.0 technologies began to dominate the internet and we all desire more interactive web pages, with faster response to user inputs. Leaders in economy are turning to the Web for solutions. Rich Internet applications surround us and it is time to move the databases and the functionality of traditional desktop applications to a handier and global environment.

  • Network Services (design, integration, optimization)
  • Security Services ( firewall, email, desktop, network)
  • Troubleshooting of networking services
  • IT Support Services (helpdesk,ticket systems)
  • Advanced remote network support & administration
  • Providing support and training to end-users
DCos - Web 2.0 Platforms - Rich Internet Applications
  DCos - solutions for elearnig platforms - CMS - LMS - LCMS
  • Web sites and portals ( design,integration,management )
  • Programming of Joomla! extensions 
  • Designing Joomla! templates
  • Building global platforms ready to deliver dynamic content
  • Live streaming solutions and webinar management
  • Various elearning tools 
  • Placing learners in cyberspace through Web 2.0

For any new business, one of the most confusing parts of internet marketing, is related to the creation of a site with all the necessary content management tools. We have the knowledge in developing custom CMS solutions for any website.

Online software taking advantage of the brand new Web 2.0 interactive technologies are here to shorten your journey towards a successful web presence.

Rich Internet Applications presented on the DCos site circumvent the slow and synchronous loop of the traditional ones. What can be done is limited only by the capabilities of the system used on the client. That is why the modules are targeting flash and pdf plugins used by the web browsers.

The demand for client and server computing resources is better balanced this way, which is an important fact to consider in building large web platforms. The generated network traffic is also reduced because the application-specific client engine can be more intelligent than a web browser when deciding what data needs to be transmitted to the server.

We strive to be ahead of the application development trends and to spend resources on things that are really needed. 

Joomla is one of the most powerful content management systems (CMS) available today. This award-winning content management system can manage all the content on a Web site; this content is reusable and one can easily switch the overall design by simply replacing templates - the content will be unaltered and all extensions wil behave according to the new design layout. Many of the Web 2.0 technologies are already integrated on this platform - from AJAX enabled forms to live streaming and wide elearning content delivery. Keep tracing the published extensions signed 'DCos - Cosmin Damian' - most of them are open source - and you will find answers to new requirements emerging from current community trends.

Your Joomla-based site can be improved by adding some of the extensions written by Cosmin Damian (available in the 'Resources' section). If you have any comments regarding the extensions presented here you may use our contact form to inquire about the current development status or to request new features for the components, modules or plugins. Your feedback helps improve our programming efforts and is often the seed of new ideas. Programming always benefits from collaboration of users and programmers, frequent  communication, and opinions exchange.

For a complete list of Joomla extensions you may want to visit http://extensions.joomla.org/.


The DCos site is operated and maintained in Timisoara, Romania by Cosmin Damian





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